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3 New Book Reviews. 3 New Indie Authors. #MustReads

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

So, I’ve recently gotten into the habit of reading the works of other indie authors. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I thought I’d write a quick book review for three of the latest reads in the hopes that someone out there will enjoy these works as much as I did.

1) A Girl Called Ari – P.J. Sky

A Girl Called Ari is a dystopic work of fiction by author P.J. Sky set in a futuristic Australia. Although the titular character is Ari, the book begins from the perspective of Starla, an affluent youth living in a futuristic and “idyllic” society walled off from the wilds. Power struggles force young Starla out into the wastelands where her path collides with Ari in a struggle for survival.

This story starts a little slowly as it world builds, but then it takes off with the collision of Starla and Ari, and a fun adventure full of twists quickly unfolds. Overall, I found the book to be a well-written page turner, and I particularly liked the friendship between the leads. It was a refreshing shake up from the usual love triangle found in today’s dystopic

Click here to check on Amazon! novels. Although the book is capable of standing

alone, I have learned a sequel is forthcoming, and I

look forward to reading it.

2) The Exoskeleton Chronicles – Chad Descoteaux

The Exoskeleton Chronicles is one of the most ridiculous and fun bits that I’ve read in quite a while. For any fans of the 1990’s films Starship Troopers or Mars Attacks it’s a must read, and hopefully someday, a must see.

Admittedly, the book has some editing issues, but it simply doesn’t detract from the delightfully absurd plot, the quirky and nuanced heroes, and of course the fantastic flying villains intent on exterminating humans with the methods used on their smaller companions.

Descoteaux is a great writer, and he incorporates some real-world elements, such as characters’ struggles with autism, into a zany ride. And, (I can’t say it enough), the book was great fun! I would recommend it to any sci-fi Click here to check on Amazon!

lovers with a sense of humor and a few spare hours.

3) Intertwined – Eric Suddoth

My final read on the list is a genre I don’t often partake in – a sort of supernatural family drama featuring a heavy dose of mystery.

Perhaps because of my unfamiliarity with the genre, the plot often took me by surprise, and I ended up enjoying the ride a lot more than I originally expected to. (I hope you will too!)

Intertwined is set in your classic sleepy southern town filled with citizens that will feel familiar to anyone who grew up in the Bible belt. The idyllic community is holding some big secrets however, and there are many who would prefer that they stay hidden.

The arrival of a mysterious, and perhaps miraculous, stranger serves as the catalyst that could unwind the town’s proverbial Gordian knot. The reader will quickly form inferences about who can be trusted, but not everything is at is appears. . .

This book was intriguing, and had enough mystery and supernatural elements to keep me on my toes. I enjoyed Suddoth’s ability to create realistic characters and settings and then seamlessly inject the world with the

Click here to check on Amazon! fantastic. I will definitely be keeping an eye out

for more of Suddoth's work.


All right, so that wraps up this session of indie reviews. I hope you will give one of these works a try, be sure to leave a review, and let me know which was your favorite!

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