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Enemy Rising - Expressing a Dream (The birth of the Cursed Chronicles)

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Enemy Rising was born late in my teen years when I awoke from a dream of a princess and her best friend fighting zombies. (Weird dream you say? I can’t deny it, but zombies were all the rage a decade ago.)

As soon as I awoke, I knew that I had caught a glimpse of a story that needed telling, but I had a lot of questions. Who were the two girls? Where did they live? When?

In the dream, the girls had been fighting of the hoard with swords, so I knew the answer lay in the past.

But what about the setting? At first I was tempted by the notion of England. I’d grown up reading English classics, so I figured I could make it work without too much effort. However, something stopped me. England really didn’t suit the Princess’ character. It didn’t really feel like the setting of the dream either. The girls had been fighting in a palace.

Suddenly, I was hit with an epiphany. India! A multi-cultural land with a rich history, amazing topography, plenty of palaces, and you guessed it, princesses!

Once I had the setting, the character’s personalities took shape. A somewhat spoiled, but clever Indian princess yearning for an opportunity to prove herself. And her unlikely friend? An orphaned half-caste, braver than most men and loyal to a fault, but with a secret that could bring everything toppling down.

After I had the characters I spent several months researching and internalizing the story. Now, many moons later, I present Enemy Rising, Book One of The Cursed Chronicles!

To purchase or read in Kindle Unlimited, click here: (Available in Kindle and Paperback.)

P.S. Book Two: Shatter the Mountains has a planned release date of December 2020.

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