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Why Zombies?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Watched too many zombie movies? Read too many zombie novels? Bummer. Because I’ve got one more series for you, and I’m not going to rest until you’ve heard of it! The Cursed Chronicles!

All right now you’ve heard of it, so I’m going to go take a nap…

Just kidding. The Cursed Chronicles is an epic apocalyptic zombie adventure series set in 1800s India. The story follows four youth as they confront the new dangers posed by the hungry undead and the old threats posed by the ills of humanity. The series features themes of war, friendship, prejudice, survival, and faith. Book one, Enemy Rising, was a blast to write, and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I recognize however that you may be asking yourself, why not just write an adventure story? Why add zombies?

If I’m being honest, writing about zombies came somewhat as a surprise even to me. I hate zombies. I’m terrified of them honestly. You know how after watching some zombie flick everyone talks about which character they would be and how they would kill zombies and wouldn’t be a wimp if they got bit? Well screw that. If a zombie apocalypse breaks out you can find me having a mental breakdown in the corner. When the zombies finally eat me, they’ll be in for a salty treat because I’ll have been non-stop crying since news of the outbreak. (Side note: My characters do not take after me. Don’t worry. Read the book. It’s good. I swear.)

All right, so I’ve now established I’m something of a shameful coward when it comes to zombies. Still, I chose to write about them because I think they serve as a powerful symbol of both death and terror and a strange immortality. I mean be honest, who has it worse? The zombie or the one being chased by them?

Because a zombie is such an obvious monster that we have no sympathy for- (At least, I’ve never met someone who cared about zombies. Please don’t be that person. It’s weird.) Ehem. So, because zombies are obvious monsters, they serve as an excellent way of bringing out the best and worst of the human characters. I mean, which is worse, your brain-dead zombie brother attempting to eat you? Or your human friend betraying you for the last of the supplies? Think about it. Try it as a short story prompt. You may be surprised by the outcome.

So, that’s why zombies. They are the perfect catalyst, the perfect enemies to be trodden under foot, and the perfect mirrors to show us our true colors.

To purchase Enemy Rising or read in Kindle Unlimited, click here. (Available in Kindle and Paperback.)

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